Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're seeing blue in our future!

Since I was a little girl I've always been a "girly girl". I loved to play dress up, do hair, makeup and all that stuff. Which looking back was a forecast of my future. I grew up with all girls. So of course I have always wanted a little girl of my own. For some reason since I have been pregnant I was drawn to more boy stuff than ever before. Although I really wanted a girl there was something in the back of my mind that kept telling me it was a boy. Going into the ultra sound today I would have been shocked if they told me it was a girl. I would have thought maybe it was too early to tell. So my Motherly instinct has kicked in and was right! We indeed are having a baby boy! When we went in she said there was a chance we might be able to tell what sex the baby was. I let her know I wanted to film the reaction so if she got to a point she could tell the sex let me know so we could start filming. She starting to do the ultra sound and about 20 seconds in she goes "Oh" I looked at the screen and immediately saw what she was looking at! I said "Jeremy you should get the camera!" He saw what I saw and this is what happened from there.....

We are so truly excited to be having a baby boy! Especially since so far he is a very healthy baby! I am so ready to start planning, decorating, and shopping! It's going to be so fun! Now we just have to have the name debate! This is going to be difficult!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When do we get to the fun stuff??

Everyone has been telling me just wait till you get to 12 weeks you are going to feel so much better! WRONG! They jinxed me! The day I turned 12 wks it was suddenly much worse! My nausea had now turned into vomiting. I was OK just feeling sick I can work through that. Having to run away to the bathroom in the middle of a blow dry is not working for me. Of course on top of being miserably sick I had one of my busiest weeks in months. Which is fantastic because we really needed the money but on the other hand was so hard on my body physically. On Friday I had a really rough day and when I got home I started running a fever. It started going up rapidly and got really scary because this could be really bad for the baby. So I went and took and ice bath (well as cold as I could stand it anyway). It reminded me of when I was a kid and my Mom would put my Dad's t-shirt in ice water and then make me put it on. I have never been fond of cold water and this was not any better of an experience as an adult! While in the bath the fever stopped going up but was not coming down. I was freaking out. I was up to 100.6 in the bath. I had decided if it got to 101 I was going to go to the ER! After 30 minutes in a miserably cold bath it started to come down. When it got below 100 I went to bed to get some much needed rest! The next day was yet another busy day. I only had to excuse myself from about half the clients. Somehow I made it through the day. I was never so happy to be done. I was so exhausted I didn't even feel like I could drive myself home! I started to run a low grade fever again but luckily the Tylenol did the trick and no ice bath needed this time! I was so relieved that we had no plans for the weekend. So I put myself on mandatory bed rest! I did not get up from the couch unless it was to go to bed. Today I was back at work and it was just the nausea again no vomiting! Yeah! Never thought I would say yeah to nausea! I am thinking that maybe I got a little stomach bug or something. Either way I am so sick of being sick! I cant wait for the fun stuff! I am late on my photo because I was so sick at 12 weeks the last thing I wanted is to take my picture. It's still a little haggard but hey it's reality! so this is 12wks 5 days! Then just for comparison 9 weeks again. No I swear I'm not just sucking it in and then sticking it out! What a difference a couple weeks can make! I am actually starting to look pregnant not just fat! ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My kind of Sunday Funday

I always hear people talk about Sunday Fundays. Days filled with pool parties, the lake, the river, sporting event, etc. These have never been my cup o' tea! My absolute favorite days are days like today. A day where we have absolutely nothing planned. We can sleep in and not wake up to an alarm clock. We can stay in our Pj's all day. We don't have to leave the couch other than food or bathroom breaks. Just be totally lazy! I feel like my job is so social. I spend my days chatting with friend/clients. Which I love! When I am off it's so nice to be couped up all day with my husband and my dogs (who also love to be lazy). I know our days like this are numbered with a baby on the way. So I am just soaking it all in and enjoying every minute while it last!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our little peanut

We had our first prenatal appointment today! It was very exciting to see the ultra sound for the first time! The baby was a little smaller than I thought it would be. All my websites said that the legs and arms would be developed by now but ours were just little nubs. We still got to see and hear the heart beat. It made it a little more real but I am looking forward to the times where it looks more like a baby than a blob of white and grey. I went maternity shopping yesterday for the first time. Since I am no longer fitting in most of my clothes. (well comfortably anyway) I knew my boobs were huge right now but I had no idea I bought a bra that was a 40F holy moly! I am normally a 36D. I still have a little room to grow into it but it's still crazy to think it's only just begun! I asked the midwife if any part of the major pooch I have is baby. Everyone keeps telling me it's impossible that i am showing. She said that it is from the baby growing inside and pushing my intestine out a little bit. This made me feel a little better. Jeremy got to come with me for the first appointment. I'm glad he did. I was pleasantly surprised that he had some question of his own. He probably won't be able to come to all the appointment but it was nice to have him at the first. We'll see which others he can make it to. So all and all things are going well. I have still been really sick all the time but I am hoping that will pass with the first trimester!