Monday, May 31, 2010

Go! Go! Go!

Can I have a weekend to recover from my weekend...Please? Oh my, I feel like I have been on the go this whole weekend... Oh yeah, because I have! All good things but I am pooped! Dinner with my sister on Friday night. Then Saturday I was lucky enough to call it a day early and was able to move up my plans. So I had a late lunch at Postino's with the girls and then off to see Sex and the City 2. Sunday was spent with the Tan family to get together before everybody goes out of town for the summer and celebrate all the summer birthdays. Then today was spent with my family because my Uncle Tom and Aunt Sue were in town for the first time in 30+ years! Phew am I tired! It was all worth it though! All the most important people in my life all in one weekend can't beat that!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

9 weeks pregnant

I am 9 weeks pregnant today. After telling close friends and family in person, finally posting the big news on facebook, now it's no longer a secret. Which is good because I don't know how much longer it would have been a secret physically. I feel huge even though other than some weight gain, bloating, and my boobs being a full cup size bigger there are not many outward changes. The baby is the size of a grape and has reached fetus status. This is nice that the pictures I show Jeremy of what our baby would look like are not nearly as freaky to him. Although he is a little disappointed that the "embryonic tail" has disappeared! He thought our baby having a tail was cool!! I am so looking forward to our first appointment next week. I think that seeing our baby on the screen will really make it real! I have been pretty sick and exhausted recently. Unfortunately it keeps getting worse. I am hoping that I will be one of the lucky ones whose sickness ends with the first trimester. No matter what I take all of the negative symptoms as good sign that everything that is supposed to be happening is happening!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Second times the charm?

This is my second attempt at a blog. My first attempt was chronicling my dating life. When I found myself in a serious relationship and getting married that didn't seem to apply. Now that we are married and expecting our first child I thought would start a new blog that I could chronicle our life together. I am sure this year will be crazy! Newlyweds, being pregnant,and then being parents together for the first time surely will have it's ups and downs! This will be a way to remember as well as update others what's going on in our little family!