Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 month update

I am 16 weeks pregnant today. Oh how the time is flying by! Just thought I'd update you on how it's going!...

Luckily for me and our future children I am feeling much better! I don't know if I could have done this again if I was going to be as sick as I was the whole time! So I am still exhausted all the time but at least the nausea is minimal, and there has been no vomiting in weeks! Yippee!!

We are still at a complete standstill for names. We can't agree on anything! Jeremy likes traditional, I like unique names. We go round and round about it. I would take him more seriously if he actually had real suggestions. Not names like Jackie Chan Tan, Wolverine, and Spike! Yes, these are all real suggestions from lovely husband! :p

I am having some of the craziest dreams I have ever had in my life! They are so vivid and real. It's like watching a movie in my sleep every night. I don't ever get a very restful sleep, but I always have good stories in the morning to tell Jeremy. One night it was this whole long story about a day when the sun and moon were up at the same time. Then aliens came down and took over the planet and our government. They wanted to run it peacefully as long as we cooperated and let them do it their way. Plus they looked like giant house cats. It was crazy. At least I have a good imagination! :)

One thing I find odd about pregnancy is how everyone automatically assumes the right to judge everything I do. What I eat, drink, where I go, what I do. That everyone wants to tell me all of their or their friends birth horror stories. That people think it is totally OK to critique your baby name choices because you haven't picked it for sure yet. If we do pick that name I will always remember that crappy things you said about it so keep your opinion to yourself! Didn't your Mama teach you if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all!!?

I have felt some flutters but nothing officially the baby, but I can't wait!

Here is the 4 month photo update. I am finally starting to look pregnant instead just fat(Although several people told me I don't even look pregnant! Just so you know NEVER tell a woman this unless she is actually NOT pregnant or trying to hide the pregnancy. At this point most women are proud of their mini baby bump and want you to acknowledge it!)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nursuries, car seats, and strollers....OH My!!

The planner in me has kicked into full gear! There are so many decisions to be made. I am really stressing over each and every one! All these things are expensive but can really effect my daily life with a baby. I just want to make sure we spend our limited resources on the things that we really need. Also if buying the nicer more expensive one makes a difference then ok. Never being a Mom before I don't always know what is going to be important. I ask around but there are always conflicting views. My lifestyle and baby is not going to be the same as anyone else. So I just have to figure it out as I go along. I just worry I will choose poorly and regret it later. In the meantime I am consumed with websites, reviews, prices, features, options, safety, pro/cons.... When I try to talk to Jeremy about these things, he is no help. He is completely clueless when it comes to babies. So all these things I'm talking about just sound like gibberish. His eyes glaze over and he tunes me out. I know these aren't really life or death decisions but sometime it feels like it! I know it has only just begun. The types of decisions might change, but the fact that my mind is consumed with what is best for my baby will never go away! I am truly starting to feel like a Mom!